About me

Ana Isabel Mena blau coaching actores

Ana is a spanish actress and coach.

For he own career and through continuous further education she learned the keys to develop live and online presence. She also learned the technical aspects that artists need to show themselves and their work to the world.

She lives between Spain and Germany.

Ana studied acting at the state drama school in Seville and earned a degree in German Studies at the University of Seville, her home town.

She worked for five years as a professional actress in Spain. She combined her theater work playing with numerous theater companies with acting at different film projects. She also cofunded the theater company Imagina Teatro and the film production company IT Producciones.

In 2010, she relocated to Berlin where she continued working as an independent actress in film and theater. She worked again with various theater groups and participated in shorts and feature films in german, spanish and english.

In 2015 she played the role of Sole, for the film “The olive tree” from the spanish director Icíar Bollaín produced by Morena Films and The Match Factory. The film premiered in Spain and all over Europe in 2016.

Since 2017 she coaches and teaches helping others to take control of their careers and act towards their goals succesfully.

Her website is: www.anaisabelmena.com

Photo © Joachim Gern